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    MAIKA is a virtual singer that allows you to create vocal parts on your computer without the need of recording a real singer. By simply entering melody, lyrics and expression parameters you'll be able to create lead vocals, vocal accompaniment, demo vocals, vocal effects; the possibilities are endless. MAIKA is designed to sing in Spanish, but contains a wide range of phonemes that will also cover parts of other languages.

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    69 € (incl. tax)

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    MAIKA has a powerful feminine voice. In the lower registers she has a softer, more airy voice, while in the higher registers she has a more intense timbre. She has an extraordinarily broad pitch range, which switches from a chest voice to a head voice in the highest registers. This makes her voice suited for a large range of musical genres and styles.

    While MAIKA is a Spanish voice bank, she includes an extended range of phonemes which allow for great flexibility in pronunciation. You can check out some demos of MAIKA singing in other languages such as: Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, English and Japanese.

    MAIKA's artwork has been illustrated by Noriko Hayashi.

    Pitch rangeE2 ~ D4
    Tempo range60 ~ 150 BPM
    Breath samples (WAV)33


    Taps & Trillsrrr
    1. MAIKA's [I0] corresponds to English VOCALOID's [I], whereas MAIKA's [I] is used in falling diphthongs such as [a I].
    2. MAIKA's [r\] corresponds to an English [r].
    3. MAIKA's [j\] is generally equivalent to her [j] (which is preferred); typically [j\] is only used in words starting in "y-" or "hie-".
    4. MAIKA's [L0] is a more lateralized variant of her [L].

    Note: When using MAIKA, VOCALOID Editor will only automatically transcribe lyrics entered in Spanish; for other languages, phonemes have to be entered manually or using a job plug-in.


    When buying MAIKA as a direct download, after payment (PayPal or creditcard) you will be mailed a download link for the MAIKA software installer and an activation serial code.

    The download includes:

    • Installer for Windows (1.33 GB) including VOCALOID3 Editor Tiny
    • Installer for Max OS X (1.17 GB) to be used with VOCALOID3 Editor for Cubase and Cubase 7
      * Both sold separately; does not include VOCALOID3 Editor Tiny
    • Breath samples package (WAV)
    • Spanish Language Extension Pack for VOCALOID3 Editor (Tiny and Standard)


    MAIKA comes with Yamaha's VOCALOID3 Editor Tiny software, a reduced feature version of the VOCALOID3 Editor. A list of differences between the Tiny and standard Editor can be found here. The full VOCALOID5 Editor can be purchased from the VOCALOID SHOP.



    MAIKA is also compatible with VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase which allows you to use VOCALOID from within Cubase 8 series and Cubase 7 series on Mac OS X as well as Windows. VOCALOID Editor for Cubase NEO can be purchased from the VOCALOID SHOP.