VOCALOID3(tm) Library

Bruno and Clara are the world's first Spanish language virtual singers. After having caused a small revolution in the way musicians express themselves in Japan, Yamaha’s VOCALOID technology is now finally made available to the Spanish speaking world. Based on the brand-new VOCALOID3 singing voice synthesis engine and editing software, the Bruno and Clara voice libraries provide high quality, natural sounding singing voice. Bruno and Clara voice libraries are only available for Windows.

Bruno download version:
(Windows only)

49 € (incl. tax)

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Clara download version:
(Windows only)

49 € (incl. tax)

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Bruno & Clara download version:
(Windows only)

89 € (incl. tax)

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Bruno has a powerful, mature and elegant masculine voice that suits a wide range of musical styles.

Bruno's artwork has been illustrated by Rumple.

Pitch rangeE1 ~ C3
Tempo range60 ~ 140 BPM
Breath samples (WAV)10

Clara's voice is soft and airy in its lower registers. Her higher registers are distinguished by their clear tone and characteristic timbre.

Clara's artwork has been illustrated by Rumple.

Pitch rangeC#2 ~ G3
Tempo range60 ~ 140 BPM
Breath samples (WAV)14


Taps & Trillsrrr
  1. Bruno and Clara's [j\] is generally equivalent to her [j] (which is preferred); typically [j\] is only used in words starting in "y-" or "hie-".
  2. For more information see: phoneme chart with examples

Note: When using Bruno or Clara, VOCALOID Editor will only automatically transcribe lyrics entered in Spanish; for other languages, phonemes have to be entered manually or using a job plug-in.


When buying Bruno and/or Clara as a direct download, after payment (PayPal or creditcard) you will be mailed a download link for the Bruno and/or Clara software installer (only for Windows) and an activation serial code.

The download includes:

  • Installer for Windows including VOCALOID3 Editor Tiny
  • Breath samples package (WAV)
  • Spanish Language Extension Pack for VOCALOID3 Editor (Tiny and Standard)


Bruno & Clara come with Yamaha's VOCALOID3 Editor Tiny software, a reduced feature version of the VOCALOID3 Editor. A list of differences between the Tiny and standard Editor can be found here. The full VOCALOID5 Editor can be purchased from the VOCALOID SHOP.

Bruno & Clara are only available for Windows, so they can only be used with Vocaloid Editor for Windows.