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Clara & Bruno – A quién le importa (Alaska) (Giuseppe)

Clara – Sistema Recargado (Keitaro16x & KazuyoShimizu)

Clara – Cyber Thunder Cider (Paulchan93)

Bruno – Un Sólo Corazón (CYO Style)

Clara – Un Dia de Amistad (CYO Style)

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BRUNO & CLARA Original Song Contest organized by Vocaloid.CL

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YnDjYQCl8M Hi All VocaloidPs! We are proudly to present a new Original Song Composition Contest featuring Vocaloid Bruno & Clara! Due to the great idea and invaluable efforts from Vocaloid Chile, the sponsors and collaborators and our support, it's now ready … [Read more...]


MAIKA Original Song Contest Results

Here is the final decision, congratulations to the winners!! Prizes - MOST POPULAR VIDEO The author of the most popular video (see rating formula) wins a physical copy of MAIKA Limited edition Boxed Version + Bruno & Clara boxed version. Winner: La audición … [Read more...]


MAIKA Original Song Contest

#MAIKAOriginalSongContest We are organizing a contest for Original Songs using VOCALOID3 MAIKA. For participating you should create an original song with MAIKA and upload it to Youtube before 19th of May 2014. Many people will think, how can I create a song with MAIKA if I don’t own MAIKA? ok … [Read more...]


Help on using MAIKA extra phonemes

Hello! It's only two days since we released MAIKA and it's great to see how many songs are already done by users, some of them with great quality!! We have seen that many users are interested in using the included set of extra phonemes to make her sing into many languages. We want to help you a … [Read more...]


MAIKA is available starting now!

We are happy to announce that MAIKA is available! You can buy it from our website. There are two purchasing options: - Direct download version (89 €* taxes incl.) - Pre-order a Limited Special Edition of the boxed DVD version (129€* worldwide shipping & taxes incl.). This option also includes … [Read more...]