From the 20th until the 24th of September, during the Mercè Festival in Barcelona, the first virtual concert featuring Vocaloids Bruno & Clara will be held. This live show will also introduce ONA. ONA is a virtual singer from Barcelona that will make her debut in this interactive show singing lyrics composed by the community and shared via twitter. During the concert, the audience will be able to control Bruno, Clara and Ona by dancing on stage in real-time. ONA can sing in Catalan, Spanish, and… (this was a secret until now) is the voice provider for the new Vocaloid MAIKA. The character design for ONA was done by illustrator Inés Campos and has a more western aesthetic. Her outfit is inspired by the famous work of the the architect Antoni Gaudí.

More info in the ONA official page & social networks:
Ona Virtual: http://www.voctrolabs.com/onavirtual
Facebook ONA: https://www.facebook.com/OnaVirtual
Twitter ONA: https://twitter.com/VirtualOna


We are happy to introduce MAIKA, the new Spanish Vocaloid created by Voctro Labs. The Voice Bank will be available soon, the first demos will be published in the coming weeks.
The official design was created by Noriko Hayashi, and selected from a contest open to the Vocaloid fandom, we hope you like it so much as we do!


Hello All! We already have a design for our new Vocaloid Character, it has been a difficult process to choose one design because of the high quality of proposals we had, but finnally the winner is:


We greatly appreciate the efforts of all who participated, and especially to those that we selected and have created a design for us … To finish we also want to name some of the finalists who were very close to win:
Isabel Terol, Akuo-P, Rumple, Mikela Monroe, Kazumi Mai, Robin Gissler, Carmen Luque.

Thank you very much to all of you, we will publish the character design soon, for now only the silhouette ;-)

Silhouette Voctro Labs Vocaloid

Do you want to be the illustrator for the new Spanish Vocaloid?

Or do you know someone who would be a good candidate to design a new character?

Please send us a confirmation of interest to contest@voctro-vocaloid.com before MONDAY 8th July 2013. You should include links to examples of your work.

We will contact the artists we think are best suited for this project providing more detailed information and they will then have until the 15th of July to complete their design.


Hello All!

To celebrate the arrival of the Summer, the World Music Day and the fact that we finally have reached more than 5000 likes on Facebook, we will offer a discount for our Bruno & Clara Voice Banks so you can make songs with them during the Summer…

The new prices are the following:
Pack including Bruno and Clara Voice Banks: 95€ (2 Voice Banks for Vocaloid 3)
Bruno or Clara Voice Banks alone: 49€ (1 Voice Bank for Vocaloid 3)

Now, there are no excuses to not buy them!!

Click here to buy

The discount will be active until 31-07-2013

Bruno & Clara wish you a happy summer!!


Hello everybody,

Next 23rd of December 2012 we celebrate the first anniversary of the virtual Vocalists Bruno & Clara and as a birthday present we are glad to offer a very special discount. You can buy one of the voices at only 49€ or if you prefer the pack at 95€. With this big discount, will you miss this special bargain? Go and buy them now! The discount will be only active until 31/01/2013.

Click here to buy

Bruno & Clara wish you a Merry Christmas!

Voctro Labs provides singing voice synthesis technology for the campaign El Plan B de Ballantine’s (http://elplanb.tv/).

The popular band La Oreja de Van Gogh composed a new song without lyrics (just music and melody) and they are inviting all their fans to participate in the creative process of composing the lyrics for this song. Fans can listen to the new song and compose the lyrics on the campaign’s web site. Voctro Labs created a new female VOCALOID voice for this project, which permits fans to figure out how the melody of the song would sound if it was sung by a real singer.
The web site (http://elplanb.tv/) is online since October 1st, drawing the attention of the media and VOCALOID fans worldwide.

We hope you enjoy it!

Voctro Labs

Hey Bruno & Clara fans,

We have just opened the official facebook of the Spanish Vocaloids Bruno & Clara. Here we will keep you up-to-date about anything related to them and where you can post comments…

Come on, click on “like”!! [Read more...]

Some days ago Alberto from the excellent website Vocaloid Master asked us to build a Job plug-in which he needed for a project he was working on.
As the task was rather simple in nature, we were happy to be able to fulfill his request without too many difficulties.

The plug-in simply doubles the duration of all notes and events in a song.
Combining this with a doubling of the song’s tempo allows a finer quantization grid for working with songs at a relatively slow tempo.

The plug-in can be download (for free) from our web: here. VocaloidMaster.com (Spanish only) has a mini tutorial explaining how to use it in more detail.

-Team Voctro Labs

We have created a VOCALOID Job Plug-In to automatically convert VSQ/VSQX files for Japanese voice banks so that they can be used with the Spanish voice banks BRUNO, CLARA and MAIKA. Free download below. [Read more...]