Hey Bruno & Clara fans,

We have just opened the official facebook of the Spanish Vocaloids Bruno & Clara. Here we will keep you up-to-date about anything related to them and where you can post comments…

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Some days ago Alberto from the excellent website Vocaloid Master asked us to build a Job plug-in which he needed for a project he was working on.
As the task was rather simple in nature, we were happy to be able to fulfill his request without too many difficulties.

The plug-in simply doubles the duration of all notes and events in a song.
Combining this with a doubling of the song’s tempo allows a finer quantization grid for working with songs at a relatively slow tempo.

The plug-in can be download (for free) from our web: here. VocaloidMaster.com (Spanish only) has a mini tutorial explaining how to use it in more detail.

-Team Voctro Labs

We have created a VOCALOID Job Plug-In to automatically convert VSQ/VSQX files for Japanese voice banks so that they can be used with the Spanish voice banks BRUNO, CLARA and MAIKA. Free download below. [Read more...]

We are happy to announce that we have added PayPal checkout to our online shop.

This means that starting today we can accept orders from any mail account, including free ones such as gmail, hotmail and yahoo. Using your PayPal account you can easily order products in just a few clicks, but it is also possible to checkout without a PayPal account, using any of the major credit cards.

Alternatively we still offer Share*It checkout for those who prefer it, or require some of the additional payment options (check, wire transfer, order by fax, etc.).

Happy shopping!

- Team Voctro Labs

Until now, having to charge VAT to EU customers meant that effectively Bruno & Clara were more expensive for people in Europe than people outside of Europe. We think this is not really fair, and being Europeans ourselves we can relate to people complaining that nearly everything seems more expensive here compared to abroad.

So, we have decided not to charge VAT anymore, and have a fixed price of 80 Euros (140 Euros for the pack) for everyone. Of course we still have to pay the VAT eventually, so consider this a little gift from us to you.

Voctro Labs wishes everybody a merry Christmas and a happy 2012!

-Team Voctro Labs

After some busy weeks to bring you Bruno and Clara before the new year, we are happy to anounce that starting now Bruno and Clara are available for purchase from our ONLINE STORE! [Read more...]

We have counted all the votes (skipping those that had obviously been made using proxies), and the winner is…..


This entry was also one of our favorites. Great poses and we think the looks fit the characters well.

And, the second place (a very, very close one!) goes to…..


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As of now the voting for the fanart contest is closed. We would like to thank everybody who took the time to vote.

We will start counting the votes and announce the winners within the next couple of days. [Read more...]

Update: We had some server problems. Hopefully they are resolved now. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Today we have closed the Bruno & Clara fanart contest for new submissions. We would like to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has participated! Overall the response to the contest has been really great, with well over 100 entries!

Now we open voting for the contest. Note that you are only able to vote once per internet connection (this is checked by IP), and that all votes are final so choose well. You can rate each image separately, and ideally everybody should vote for as many entries as possible. Of course feel free to get all your friends and family to vote for the entries you like the most, or your own entry of course.

Go to the contest page to vote!

-Team Voctro Labs

Since the announcement of Bruno & Clara we have received many messages of people who were disappointed with the art for the voices.
Many were expecting a more “manga”-like style that is typically associated with Vocaloid. Around the internet numerious fanart renditions of Bruno & Clara started popping up. There were even some artists who contacted us offering to redraw the characters in a different style.

As we really liked some of the fanart that we saw online, we have decided it would be a good idea to do an official Bruno & Clara fanart contest!

Just to be clear – the submission by the winner of this contest won’t automatically become the new official art for Bruno & Clara, nor will submitting a drawing give us the right to use it however we like (see “rules”). Of course in the case that the outcome of the contest is new art for Bruno & Clara that we and you, our customers, really like, we will keep an open mind about it (and hope all participants will do too).

Fanart Contest

-Team Voctro Labs