We have created a VOCALOID Job Plug-In to automatically convert VSQ/VSQX files for Japanese voice banks so that they can be used with the Spanish voice banks BRUNO, CLARA and MAIKA. Free download below.

The Job Plug-In works by mapping the Japanese phonemes to their closest available Spanish equivalent. Of course there are some phonetic differences between Japanese and Spanish so the mapping is not always perfect. In other cases the plug-in uses one of several possible mappings and with some manual editing the results can be improved further. In the case of MAIKA the results are a bit better because she contains some extra phonemes that approximate better to the japanese pronuntiation. The plug-in is FREE so why don’t you try it out for yourself?

Currently there are two versions of the plug-in, it’s important that you use the correct one depending on the Voice Library you are using:

For BRUNO & CLARA Voice Libraries (Jpn2Esp v1.0.0.1):
You can download it either from the VOCALOID Store (requires registration, in Japanese) or from our website [DOWNLOAD].
For MAIKA Voice Library [new] (Jpn2Maika v1.0.0.5):
You can download it from our website [DOWNLOAD].
Tutorial here.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download & extract zip file to a folder where you store your UG (user generated) Job Plug-Ins (can be any folder you wish).
  2. Go to “Job > Manage Job Plugins…”
  3. Click the “Add” button and browse to the extracted file.
  4. Now the plug-in is installed, click “OK” to exit.

Usage instructions:

  1. Create or open a VSQ/VSQX file for a Japanese voice bank.
  2. Go to “Job > Execute Job Plugin…”
  3. Select “Jpn2Esp” or “Jpn2Maika” from the list of installed plug-ins, and click the “Run” button.
  4. Right-click the part to select either “BRUNO”, “CLARA” or “MAIKA” as the singer and play to listen to the result.

-Team Voctro Labs