After some busy weeks to bring you Bruno and Clara before the new year, we are happy to anounce that starting now Bruno and Clara are available for purchase from our ONLINE STORE! The voice banks are currently only sold as direct download. The price of a single voice is 80€, while the special pack of both voices is sold for 140€.

We have refreshed and expanded our website, as you have probably noticed using the version of Bruno & Clara by Rumple that won our fanart contest. In the products section of our site you’ll find everything you need to know about Bruno and Clara. In the downloads section you can download additional files for Bruno and Clara such as demo VSQX files and the Language Expansion Pack for the VOCALOID3 Editor.

Important: Currently order checkout processing is handled by Share-It. To prevent credit card fraud Share-It only accepts orders from non-free email accounts. So unfortunately people using gmail, hotmail or yahoo accounts may have troubles ordering(*). We are aware of this problem and searching for solutions.

*Currently, people using gmail, hotmail or yahoo accounts may only be able to complete the payment via international bank transfer or prepaid check (but not credit card or PayPal). Another option is to use FAX instead of e-mail. We apologize for the inconveniences.

UPDATE 26-01-2012: We now also accept PayPal checkout using any email account, including gmail, hotmail and yahoo.