Today is VOCALOID MAIKA’s second Birthday and we want to celebrate it with the very special opportunity to get her Voice Bank (download edition) at the lowest price ever, at only 39€ (~42USD). This discount will be only available during this weekend.

You can get the discount here: http://voctro-vocaloid.com/maika

And more!
if you want to get MAIKA for free, go to Vocaloid MAIKA’s facebook or twitter and share and retweet the publications related with MAIKA’s second birthday, we will do a raffle among all participants and we will give two copies of MAIKA’s download edition for free! one for facebook fans and the other for twitter followers.

And even more!
Between all the purchases done during this weekend we will do another raffle and the winner will get Vocaloid BRUNO & CLARA Libraries (download edition) for free!!

Don’t miss this special opportunity and don’t hesitate to get MAIKA now, let’s celebrate together MAIKA’s Birthday!


Voctro Labs Team
Second Birthday