Hi All VocaloidPs!

We are proudly to present a new Original Song Composition Contest featuring Vocaloid Bruno & Clara!

Due to the great idea and invaluable efforts from Vocaloid Chile, the sponsors and collaborators and our support, it’s now ready the new Original Song Composition Contest featuring the first Spanish Vocaloids.

Moreover, while the contest is running free trial versions of Bruno & Clara will be available, so you don’t have any excuse to not join the contest, also the prices for the winners added to their future recognition from the community are extraordinary.

Also we want to thank the sponsors and collaborators (Yamaha, Power FX, Vocaloid Brasil, Vocaloid France, Vocaloid Fan Page & Pawa.cl) as well as the members of the jury.

Are you willing to participate? There’s only one month to create and submit your entry!

Some links of interest:

Official contest site* (From Vocaloid.cl):

For downloading Bruno & Clara 15-day Trials and instructions to participate:

List of Prices

Contest Rules

Live Ranking

(*) Only some sections are translated to English (see English tab on menu)

Some info for the non-spanish speaking community:

ENGLISH (thanks to MikeFire for opening this thread on VO):

FRENCH (courtesy of Vocaloid.fr):

PORTUGUESE (courtesy of Vocaloid Brasil):

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